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Our Set Up

Southease Chilli Fest

We will need access in and out of the venue with a Van and trailer. Once set up, our pitch is 6m x 9m and we do require flat, firm ground.

Apart from that we can work virtually anywhere as we are completely self contained. No power is required,  unless the event will be at night, in which case we ask for a power supply to provide lighting. We have an attractive lighting rig which is subtle and in keeping with our festival feel.

Access to water is helpful but not essential.

We provide biodegradable wooden cutlery and either sugar cane or palm leaf plates. If you havn’t seen these you should have a look- they are all very sturdy and attractive without needing washing up or thousands of years to degrade.

We are very particular about mess and leave the pitch as close to the way we found it, as humanly possible.