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Smoking Beetle

Natural Food, Barbecued

Natural Food BarbecuedThe Smoking Beetle hails from the beautiful Sussex countryside. Our favourite thing is grilling using only locally sourced charcoal on our unique VW Beetle Barbecue.

We are nuts about great food. We also love mama nature so we make sure what we do is kind to her too.

We serve excellent, natural food for weddings, birthdays, corporate events, private parties, music festivals, food festivals… basically parties of all kinds.

We can manage the bar and provide experienced waiting staff to help with any aspect of your party.

What We Do

Organic Event and Party  Caterers in Sussex

We serve excellent food for events of all kinds. Whether it’s veg, meat or fish, we’ll cook it over real charcoal and serve it with sauces made with love.

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Event Catering

Event Catering

We cater for weddings, birthdays, corporate events, private festivals, music festivals, food festivals and parties of all kinds.

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Example Menus

Natural Organic BBQ Food

All our meat is locally sourced and naturally raised. Our fish is from trusted suppliers and always responsibly sourced.

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Costs Guide

Natural Food Barbecue

It varies so much event to event, that it’s impossible to give a price to expect for your event. But here are some general considerations.

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Our Set Up

The Smoking Beetle

We provide biodegradable wooden cutlery and either sugar cane or palm leaf plates. If you havn’t seen these you should have a look.

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Our Gallery

Organic BBQ Catering

Thinking of hiring us? Why not take a look at our gallery and check out some of our previous events and menus.

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Our Friends

Fruitful Sound System

Specialising in bringing quality music to your event, delivered on a quality soundsystem and all tailored to meet your needs.

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